Thursday, January 20, 2011

A flower in the sky

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin was once one of the busiest squares in Europe with bars and clubs that were alive day and night. With the advent of the Second World War, that all changed - turning this area into an empty site full of ruins of what once had been. Along came the Berlin Wall, which divided the city, until the fall of the Iron Curtain.
The conical roof of the Sony Centre

Move forward to the 21st Century and you will find yourself in one of the most modern spaces in Germany. In the middle of Potsdamer Platz now stands the Sony Centre, a huge commercial complex. Designed by Helmut Jahn, this complex houses a massive tent-like conical roof and features a highly photogenic combination of glass and steel both during the day and during night, when the roof is lit up in various colours.  The inspiration for this roof allegedly came from Mount Fuji in Japan – whatever it was – it worked!
It is considered by many to be one of the best examples of modern architecture in Berlin and it is not difficult to understand why!


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